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Going to Beaver with family and friends for the first time late this week.  We rented a house on the cove labeled Big Clifty Creek.  I'm assuming nearest boat ramp will be at Big Clifty Park?

Any issues with that ramp and what can we expect in the form of boat traffic?

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I can't help you much there, as much as I fish Beaver, I can't remember going up the Big Clifty arm.  My map shows a couple of ramps, one at Hogscald Hollow and another down the arm a ways on the northeast side.  They are not COE ramps, my guess is they are single lane ramps without a courtesy dock.  

Rec traffic will depend on where in the arm you are, if you're way up in the skinny water you probably won't see a whole lot but as you head down the cove towards the main lake, if there is any, that's where you'll see it.  It's a good distance from the COE parks to Big Clifty so that ought to cut down on a lot of the rec traffic.  

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I have never been over there. Google maps looks like a single lane ramp with a courtesy dock at Big Clifty Park. One of my bosses has a lake house on the North Fork of North Big Clifty. He said this past weekend it was like 4th of July out there. He uses ramp at Starkey Marina when he needs to launch. It is a COE single lane with courtesy dock. Lost Bridge South could potentially be closer by water but probably won't be by land. Rocky Branch could be an option as well. COE ramp with courtesy dock. Drop a pin on Google maps of the location of your rental and reference the ramps me and Quillback mentioned. 

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