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8/12 Lead Hill area


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I was on the water at about 630am.It was gorgeous and almost a bit chilly running the lake in shorts that early. The launch at Lead Hill Park required getting wet. Had to back down to where I stepped out into water in order to get my boat off the trailer. I started off hitting the primary points where the channel ran adjacent. I was throwing topwater baits (plopped and walking bait). I also threw a Texas rigged creature bait (Zoom Craw) and a squarebill. Zero bites. I then started trying a deep crank and spoon out deeper where there seemed to be some activity. I never got a bite doing that either. I never was able to find any schools on my graph but my console graph isn't working...need a new transducer. I didn't spend a whole lot of time using my trolling motor to try and find them. I did start throwing a jig around 1030-1100am. Finally I ended up with 2 smallies in the boat. The larger was caught in a pocket along a bluff wall and the other was on a bluff end point that had a cut where there was some shade. I missed a fish or two also. Wasted a lot of time early on...should have been throwing that jig sooner. It was pumpkin green with orange on the skirt and a watermelon red craw trailer.




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