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They just weren’t hungry..


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A little late getting this out….  Took a gentlemen out wanting to experience rigging… Got started mid morning on Friday…. That wind had a bite to it…  Pretty chilly for most of the day…. Had to fish back up a feeder creek to get out of the wind…. Wasn’t my first choice but not much I could do about it…. Seen tons of fish roaming about 4-8 feet down in 14-15 fow….  They pretty much everywhere…. Relating along the channel and all along a rise….   A bunch of shad have showed up since my last time in there a week ago…. That made for a tough bite…. Short striking all day… No commitment…  Several fish were barley hooked…. They come up look at it and then swim off..  . Knew I had to down size my minnows….  We finished just short of limit…. But was fine with it…. It was a quality over quantity day…. When I cleaned the fish…. It answered the question I already knew…. They were full…. Every fish had several 3 inch shad in their stomach…. They just weren’t hungry…

WT was 48…. Lake elevation was 1121.4 and water color was pretty much that pea green tint…. 

Rigging BnM 16 BGJP’s with BnM 1/2oz minnow rigs and 1/2oz rigs I personally tie using Pico Lures Vanguard Terminal Tackle was my setup 

Going again Wednesday afternoon before the scummy weather moves in…. I’m over it…. Ready for consistency with the weather…

Good fishing and God Bless

Lance Hughey Crappie Guide Service





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