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Tips for murky water?

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So I have my brother coming to visit this weekend all the way from Minnesota and since this will likely be his only trip all year we're going to fish on Friday afternoon regardless of the fact it's going to be post-front, cold, and windy...ive never had great luck if the water gets really stained on the little sac...any tips for baits to try, or types of areas to target, would be super helpful. Im thinking i might even pick up live bait expecting a tough bite..

Might be all for nothing but you cant catch em sitting on the couch..

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I’ll probably be wandering around the same area. Depending on the rain on Thursday it might be fine. I’ve always done better with a small jerk bait when it’s high and muddy up there. 

If it’s really bad you can go checkout Turnback Creek on the other side of the lake. It’s harder to access but doesn’t always get as muddy as the Lil Sac. 

There’s also some good places south of Springfield. 



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