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Tree's and Bushes?

oneshot 1

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If it's something you want to have.....then it will die.

If it's some scraggly-thorny-ugly thing that you want gone......then you can't kill it with 20 gallons of old gasoline.   

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Been in trouble already and the day is just started. 

I'm planning on selling Hanging Baskets with Geraniums and Petunias in June. 

The Petunias will do ok from seed but Geraniums take too long. 

So I thought just try some cuttings from Geraniums I have.  My wife that is the reason stuff dies you cut.

Then I was late for my workout.  My ride decided since they were running late because of me they wouldn't workout. 

I have to realize others are making time for me I have to go along when they are able. 


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