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5-23 report

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It has been a LONG time since I've been on Stockton.  Got on the water sometime after 8:00 am.  Put in at Orleans Trail and found water temps from 72 to 76.  Water was clear with visibility around 7 feet.  The farther we went south, the more we saw moss, algae or whatever it was floating on the surface.  There wasn't much wind so we primarily went with the ned rig.  Most of the fish we caught suffered from eye tail disease.  However we did manage to catch 5 keepers (barely).  We were fishing from 3 feet to 13 feet of water.  I think maybe they are starting to transition to their summer haunts. 

Someone had posted in an earlier thread about vegetation growing in the lake.  I saw at least 3 different spots where there was some type of aquatic plants growing.  They were in at least 5 feet of water and topped out close to the surface.  These 3 areas were miles from each other.  So it appears that this is becoming more common lake wide.  

We were off the water by 3:00.  Caught between 30 to 35 bass, 1 drum and a rock bass.  


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