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boat owners needed

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on SturdayJuly 15th Kemp Lake is hosting Cast For Kids . this is a fishing event for developmentally disabled kids and thier families Located in Leaseburg Mo we could use some help from folks with boats to help take these kids fishing (bas crappie, bluegill   if you think you might like to help these kids fish and/or would like to ket more information please call Fred Kemp @ 314-323-7191 thanks Leo

2023 Kemp Lake Participant Flyer.pdf

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Many years ago, I was a part of a group the arranged a similar event. We took children/young adults from the facilities that existed in those days for those challenged by physical or mental disabilities to go fishing. After several years, court rulings began to disband those facilities. At the same time, the insurance became too high to pay. We gave up.

We had interesting rules. We did not care about fish species. One year a local TV talking head won catching gar with rope. Others baited holes with seed corn and molasses for carp and catfish. One year, a young man and I won. Carp covered the bottom of my boat after the live well was full. That boat never smelled the same after that day.

Bait a hole with  dock. Use molasses and dog food sacks about two weeks before the event. Make doughballs of Wheaties and strawberry pop. Let them sink, unweighted, beneath the dock. Hang on.

You should have seen the young man's eyes.

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I was a member, President, and on the Board of Directors for a multispecies fishing club in Iowa.  For several years, we took out the "bigs and littles" from the Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Iowa program, fishing on our boats.  And a neighborhood with a private lake had us come out and take the adults and kids of neighborhood members who didn't have boats, out on their lake fishing.  Both types of events were pretty fun!

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