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Shell Knob 11/18


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Put in at the bridge about 7:30 in the fog soup.  Put the trolling motor down and scooted over to the docks.  Threw a small 2.8 until the fog lifted enough for safe travel.  Only caught one small Spot to begin the day.  Headed to some deeper docks along the river channel and caught 2 more shorts.  Headed to the deep point timbers and caught a better fish along a drop off.  Continued bouncing around until 1:30 picking up a fish here and there.  I was hoping to locate some large shad schools, however, I am still learning my FFS.  Need to spend more time on the water.  Overall, I was happy with a few fish in tough conditions.

WT: 59-61

Bait: 1/16 oz Hover Jig and a 2.8 or 1/4 oz ball head with a 2.8 (Electric Shad and Threadfin Shad)

Structure: Front of Docks (shade helps) in 40-100 feet or deep points with pole timber

good luck 

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