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  1. So, do they not update the phone number? They are releasing water. Have been for I don’t know how long. The number I call says 0 units running. I’ve not been here since the late 90’s so maybe this number is no good any longer? ‭(417) 336-5083‬ is what I always use for the white river system.
  2. Made a trip up her to some cabins. Hoping to do a little fly fishing tomorrow 4/21/18, anyone been and could tell me the magic fly? Or more importantly what water generation might be like on the weekends? If they have been generating non stop kind of thing. Boy I hope not.
  3. No sir. I backed out. Couldn't even go trout fishing. After seeing all that water in wondering how many years until I can trout fish there again. Wow! I think this might wreck the whole white river.
  4. Back for my once a year trip but with all this rain I'm thinking of canceling. You guys seeing any surface action with the striper with all this water? I don't know the lake like some of you locals and I don't want to burn a week of PTO and go fishless. Just heard that Horseshoe Brnd campground has closed due to flooding?? Sheesh. From you guys who get on the water often, were you in my shoes what would you do? Thanks, Brian
  5. I bought a leighht weight anchor off amazon.com. I purchased it for my once a year trip to Canada for walleye. We fly into a private lake and there is a weight limit on how much we can put on the plane. This thing works great. Held in all Canada wind. Beaver mighty be a bit stronger but I think this would hold my bass boat in place. And it is super light weight. Used it for three years now. Trying to remember the brand name. It looks like the marinetech anchors on amazon but I don't remember if that's the brand or not.
  6. I'm both impressed you can fillet those, small trout are always difficult for me, and the fact that the meat is not orange, green, hot pink from all the powerbait those fish ingest. Lol.
  7. Yes. About 10 feet above the trees I saw. Only found the one school. As I would zig zag around I kept run I across them. Think it was the same one in different spots.
  8. brosborough


    Yes. Same way. But my iphone pics were too large. I had to use the software on the iphone and edit it, choose crop, and just picked 4x3 I think it was. That shrunk the size down fine. On my phone reading the forums the pics looked good. Dunno if on a PC they would show as tiny thumbnails.
  9. I just got done chasing the striper around for a week. It's tuff right now. Nothing seems to be schooling and breaking for top water fun. If I were fishing live bait, from what I saw this week, I'd try the following places. The mouth of the bay for Lost Bridge South campground. You'll have to troll around a lot, but they are there. I think they just moved up. I had not even seen any striper guides there until Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. By Saturday I counted 6 boats all right there in a pile. The fish are there. I also checked one of Feathers tips. They are there in front of point 3, but everything I saw was pretty deep. I didn't troll around but for maybe 45 minutes. Feathers gave a pretty large area to search and not knowing the bottom well I just drove all around. I never found any schools in 20' FOW but did see them Down deep in 80' FOW. Again, you'll have to troll around a lot. I caught my striper on top water. Point 6 and the one beside it. And they were up close to the bank. Maybe 20-30' away from the shore. Was sitting in abou 40-50' of water and just casting to the bank. Might try there as well. Last place I saw fish but didn't catch any were the two little islands out by point 6. There is a small one to the right, if you are leaving point six and a small one out front before you get to Rocky branch and that great big island. Saw the fish, don't know what they were though as nothing ever surfaced for me. Other than that, I saw nothing in Shaddox, Ventris, Fords, Cedar. Lot of posts saying to go there but I never saw a thing. Couple of those are pretty large areas to check. My best guesses of where to look were wrong if the fish are there.
  10. I caught 4 striper next to point 6. You know the point right beside with the Starky/Rocky Branch sign? That point right there. Fist time I've caught them there. But that point and point 6 both were holding shade. Very small shad. Hybrid seemed to school on point 6, the striper were on that other one. I put an entire tank of gas through my boat searching out spots holding bait fish. And even with the bait I really didn't see much surface action or even get splashes in most places. And for me that tank of gas was $146 bucks!!
  11. Trying this again where I have better reception. Couple of the fish from my once a year trip to the beaver...that sounds dirtier than I meant it. I did an edit on the photos so they were not to big. Let's see what this looks like. Last pic is one of the little walleye we kept catching. One day I hope to figure out where all their big brother and sisters are.
  12. I had the same thought as you guys. The wind destroyed all my favorite point for surface stripers so I trolled around a section of that big island by Rocky Branch. I don't know many other areas on the lake at all which have a gravel bottom. I caught walleye trolling around but couldn't get any keepers. And that was all I caught too. But I didn't spend much time. At 9:30 or so I looked up and saw that big black storm cloud. Was pretty hidden from the wind so when I got out on the water and saw how bad it was I chickened out and scooted back to camp. Where I watched from my trailor how nothing happened. Oh well. Trip wasn't a total bust. Caught 4 striper with the largest measuring 33 inches. All on top water. I tried to post pics but my iphone pics are too large. Could it be the fish???? Hah. J-doc and feathers, I'm going to keep hounding you guys to take me out fishing with you some day. You guys just seem like a hoot in the boat. I want in the club!
  13. Ok. That picture has been added to my funnies. Lol You hear if they were surfacing or just trolling them deep?
  14. Not to side track that interesting discussion of road kill burritos but I meant to tell you guys this. Yesterday morning I was out in the water. Beautiful bald eagle glided right at my boat. I thought he was going for my spook bait!! Was thinking holy crap! Then he hit the water maybe 30' from me and pulled a big old fish up. It had him flying low all the way to the shore. Here I am fishing for hours at this spot and he swooped right in to show me how it's done. So wish I would of had my fancy camera with me. It was pretty cool to watch.
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