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  1. Fish in the early morning. Fire up the grill on the food barge around 10:30-11 serve til 3 or 4 and head back chill out on the deck and enjoy a beverage. Doesn't sound all that bad.
  2. "Food trucks" are becoming more and more popular. Why not a "food boat"??
  3. Awesome! Not shocked to hear that about Apple. But glad to hear it's in the works.
  4. We pulled the trigger and went with Windy Acres. I can't get the pics rotated, but I'll go ahead and upload them anyway. We've been extremely pleased with our pup! I'd definitely recommend checking them out.
  5. Any chance of an Apple supported App anytime soon?
  6. The only retrieving it will be doing is my next bud light from the fridge, kidding!! It will just be a family pet. I was specifically hoping for feedback on this particular breeder, not necessarily Labs in general. I've grown up around and owned many retrievers, both Goldens and Labs.
  7. I'm looking more at the "English" Labs, they have a bigger frame with the big, block head. However, I am leaning toward Yellow.
  8. I'm looking for a full-blooded Lab pup. I came across Windy Acres Labradors in Rolla. Does anyone have any experience with them? I've read several good reviews and they've been very upfront and honest with all questions I've had. I was hoping to connect with someone who's dealt with them in the past. Thanks and Happy New Year to all!
  9. coachtil


    Anybody have any pics from the Shell Knob area or 39 bridge? We can't get down there due to Flat Creek being flooded. Thanks!
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