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  1. I practiced the FG knot all last winter and got decent at it, but out on the water it was next to impossible. Ive learned the bloodknot and havent looked back. it has a smaller profile and goes through my guides well, even bought a new Lews TP1 rod with Microwave guide set and havent had any issues
  2. ive seen the video you are talking about, i followed up with a popper one day and a ned rig another. had 15 smallies in about 2 hours on the popper when i would see fish follow the s-waver
  3. Any of you guys use 6" plus swimbaits on smaller waters like the Finley? Last fall I threw around an S Waver in the deeper pockets of the Finley below the darn in Ozark and was mind blown by the size of the fish it would draw out from some of the brush piles and washed out deeper holes. I caught 2 17" bass out of them and had bigger follow it. The bait would infuriate small mouth but they wouldnt commit to it. Ive been trying my luck this winter with a paddle tail swim bait at the park with no luck yet. Have had an 18" bass on a 3/8oz jig and alot of smaller bass on a jerkbait though.
  4. Thats fine, ive lurked for years just never made an account.
  5. By chance is this still available?
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