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So, JoeD's Yeti post about Yetis and 4 blade razors started me thinking.

So here it goes:

What does it take to achieve OA "elite" status?

Yeti Cooler?

Phoenix Bass Boat?

Megabass Jerkbaits?

Steez Reels?

Wenonah Canoe?

Falcon Cara Rods?

22' Lund Pro V?

12" HDS Touch front and back?

Humminbird 360?

Twin Power Poles?

How about the Fly Fisherman?

Simms Waders/jackets/bibs?

Sage ONE series?

Waterworks Reels?

Rio Skagit Line?

NRS Clearwater Drift boat?

How about your boat hauler?

Ford Platinum?

How about Sunglasses?

Costa 580G?

What does the OA faithful say?

a cane pole ,a box of hooks and a can of worms

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1 jet boat

28 fishing rods, most expensive $275

12 reels, most expensive $220

A receipt from Tackle warehouse longer than your belt.

Used my $150K machine to scan a real crawfish

Worked my $100 per hour CAD modeler 24 hours to make a CAD model to machine the Mold.

Pissed my wife off countless times going on fishing trips.

Heard my ex wives friend telling people the reason we got divorced is because I fished too much ( Badge of honor)

Heck yes I'm a techno fisherman Geek elite!!!!!!!!

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Hey, Mitch -- print me off a Browning Superposed, ok? I'll send the money in advance.

It would look reeeeel good in that Vintage Royalex canoe!!

Sorry accidentally deleted

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I don't get it.

What are we supposed to do?

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3 Casting rods (2 curados 1 citica) 2 falcon bucoos, 1 st Croix premier

probably 10 spinning rods, 3 bass setups with fluegers and TFO's, the rest walmart specials and light trout rigs

2 TFO professional series flyrods 4 and 5 wt, with cheaper reels

Tackle bag that weighs 30 pounds probably.lol. yes, got 3 megabass's, one a +1 model

Old war eagle boat for big water and hunting 50 ETEC

Supreme River Jon with a 25 jet

Coosa Kayak

Igloo cooler

Smallmouth decal on my truck

Strike king sunglasses

Yes, as of Christmas, my wife bought me a trout fishing vest

Gopro, yes I love to make videos.., also made a mount for my Kayak... :)

Won't get into Duck hunting

Wife that goes with me at times fishing, but also makes light of the money I've spent over the years.

Like FnF said earlier, true OA elite is a fellow that helps others to enjoy this sport, and the place that we all love!!

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