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Saturday, Big M area

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Fished in the morning, the day started out cold and foggy, but rapidly warmed up into the mid 60's.

Mainly fished the Ned rig, and there was a decent bite, boated 15 fish and lost many others, it was one of those days where the bite was weird and they were hard to stick.  Mostly 12-14 inch spots, had 3 that were right around the keeper mark.

Chunk rock banks in 10-20 FOW

WT was 54 early in the AM.



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Quill on Saturday and we had a great day, really way more than I expected, but the bite got really strange for us around 10 o'clock.  The bite was really solid from about 6:30 to 9:30, they were just taking the rod out of your hands.  Up later in the morning they would pick it up and put it right down.  I mean you would feel a tug or a bang on the spoon and they were not there.  Still tons of fish on the locations, and we only fished 2 spots in 5 hrs. but they got fussy.

I'm sure they got a dose of us with all those repeated presentations.

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That bite did get really weird later. I was dragging that Ned in 20 FOW, probably missed 5 fish in a row, no bite at all, it would just start to feel heavy, I'd set the hook, have them on long enough to know it was a fish, and they'd come off.  

That smallie whacked it, but it was a different bite also, had one on, probably another smalls, it got off, I let the Ned drop for about a second and the one I caught whacked it.  Had another nice brown fish follow that one to the boat.  

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