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Shoreline Management Plan Revision, Caveat Emptor

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Beware of this:

Docks are approved for the mooring of the owner’s vessel and the storage of gear essential to the 15 vessel’s operation. No other equipment or personal property is allowed to be stored on the dock.

It is written by the Federal Government, giving the Federal Government vague, unlimited power over private property.  It is apposed to how docks have always been used.

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7 hours ago, TableRockBoater said:

What could go wrong giving the Corps unlimited, unchecked power over private property?

I think you said in a recent post that Billy took the COE on.  Can you elaborate on that?  

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12 hours ago, MOPanfisher said:

Just issue him a permit for a private dock wherever he wants one and he will become a supporter.

Unfortunately this is true.  The original Indian Ridge project wanted a dock zoning area where there was none and could not be any because of existing docks as there was no room based on the COE distance apart requirements.  I had the hardcopies of the dock zoning for my area of the lake and there was no "red" zoning where the Indian Ridge project met the shoreline.  Subsequently the COE put the zoning maps on the Web.  All of sudden a dock zone appeared for the project.  The COE duty officer at the time (a lady, Becky I think was her name) told me that dock zoning could not change until a full lake environmental impact study was done which was required periodically but had not been budgeted for years.

I asked her about the Indian Ridge dock zoning.  She laughed and said "it's funny, every time someone important who knows somebody important in the government that needs a dock zone, the COE finds that there was a clerical mistake in the original zoning map and the correction is made."  In this case Jim Shirato was friends with Blunt, who cut the project ribbon.

On a side note Shirato was fined for violations of the Clean Water Act.  The COE had been told of the problem for over a year and did nothing.  Finally the EPA stepped in.


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i know that lady justice is supposed to be blind, but you know what they say, that blindness hightens the other senses, and that blind lady can smell money 10 miles off.


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