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  1. So those guys up that way, what's the debris field like from Aunts Creek up to Wooly? Can one run at speed without worry. Thanks Bobby
  2. Bridgeport bridge closed. Found out the hard way this morning.😒
  3. Fished out of Baxter, Mill Creek, and Indian Point Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from about 11 am – 3 pm at the latest. Fished the White from Baxter up to about Point 9, Fisher Creek, and Cow Creek. Thursday the wind was nasty particularly in the afternoon east of the Kimberling Bridge. Caught about 35 – 40 fish total with Tuesday being the better day. Maybe 6 keepers total. One day found fish on primary rocky points, the next day further back off those points in the creek, and then in the pockets adjacent to the primary points. Thursday and Friday were smallmouth days. Did ca
  4. Roy, I don't go up the White past about Big Creek - sorry - others on OAF will probably chime in to answer your question.
  5. Been getting a few myself accidentally.😀 - they go back in just like the bass.
  6. Thanks guys - I want to get back up there but I guess I stay down on the White for a few more days - been doing OK on the White.
  7. Do you have a notion of the amount of debris further down river - like down to Wooly or Piney?
  8. So I had a deck boat that I would use for fishing and wakeboarding but it was just to hard to trailer around so it stayed in the dock but then I got too old for the wake board /skiing so I bought a new Ranger last year and have been trailering it all over TR and trying different places and have come to like the Cape Fair down river area the best in part because I've done better there fishing and because the Cape Fair marina ramp is the best in that it is in a protected cove where the wake boats can't pound the ramp while I'm trying to load/unload. But then these heavy rains dump all the debri
  9. I hit the same spots from yesterday - main lake (river) points - no joy. The fish had moved to the inside main lake (river) points. Did not find fish further back in the creeks (Wolly). Did find fish in the pockets off the main lake (river). WT 58 in the morning, rising to 61. Also unlike yesterday the bait wanted was a 6 in. shaky head red worm, the only thing that worked for me today was a spilt tail mud minnow Ned on a 3/16 jig. Fish were from right on the bank out to 12 ft. If I found one in a spot there was at least two more. A couple were in the pockets. I saw no fish on bed bu
  10. WT 58 in the morning and some 60 by noon. Found fish shallow and some deeper. The better fish were around 15 plus deep and one the main points. Caught a few more than a dozen - spots, LM and a couple crappie accidentally. Crappie were on the bank. Lost a really nice LM at the boat as he took flight. About a dozen rigs at the ramp. Headed back there today. Bobby
  11. From the above, it sounds like there is more than one ramp. I have used the $5 credit card at the gate ramp. Is there another? at the Campground?
  12. Scotts Halts will work if you get it down early enough and I use a heavy application and do it twice one month apart. If crabgrass comes up, Roundup will kill it and everything else. This year I found my best price for Halts on Amazon. I just did the second application. For other weeds I use a blend of Lesco Momentum Fx2 and Quinclorac 75DF. And then I use just the regular Scotts fertilizer. My bigger issue is Armodillos. The only thing that works for me is a Glock 9mm.
  13. Years ago working for Honeywell I had to do so work at one of the Honeywell locations in Minneapolis in the winter time. At break time the local that smoked had to do it outside. They would be out there at sub zero temperatures in the shirt sleeves. When I questioned them about it, they could not understand my concern.
  14. Leonas just north on old 13 did but she closed - plus you needed to rsvp earlier in the week so she had enough - it was very good
  15. As Randy said above you can still use the handheld remote if the foot pedal fails but Merc is correct in that there are lots of electronics in the Force and like trollers that can let you down.
  16. I had a similar problem and found that not all the Garmin techs knew what the deal was. The foot pedal can lose its connection and has to be "reconnected". At the time it appeared that only one tech knew how to do this. It kinda sucks because you must disconnect power which in my case meant unscrewing the foot pedal from the cavity in order to remove power. This may or may not be your issue. Here is the procedure: 1 Turn on the trolling motor. 2 On the trolling motor display panel, press three times to enter pairing mode. on the trolling motor display panel il
  17. Lead acid or AGM? So everything except the troller is connected to this starting battery? Thx
  18. I have had no issue either until now - I think it would not have happened if I had run the motor a bit more to charge the battery.
  19. Fished out of Mill Creek Monday for 5 hours - ran only a mile or so either way from the ramp. Ran the Livescope and two Garmin graphs and the Force motor all day - it was pretty windy and the troller was on spot lock much of the time - also the livewell pump and O2 generator was running all the time - not that I use it as I immediately release but just decided to exercise it. Also I have an Infinity sound system that was on much of the time - in short everything was on except the led lights - near the end of the trip the 6 month old group 36 standard lead acid battery could not start the 22
  20. His friends at Extreme say he is improving well - good news.
  21. Aunts Creek looked good this morning.
  22. So the north end of the North Indian is mud. I stopped by Aunts Creek just now - it looks pretty clear. Was wondering about Upper James - how much floating stuff to dodge?
  23. I put in at Cape Fair midday - fished Virgin Bluff area - wind was no problem - there was a local tournament out of the Marina - ran into a guy at the ramp who said 14 lbs won. I caught fish on the jerkbait and 2.8 Kietech - nothing to brag about but I am new to that area - did have two keepers, barely and some shorts and some really really shorts. My new Ranger Z519 flew thru the waves without a drop on me.
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