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  1. Sounds like a solenoid. Pretty easy to put on. Take a pic of the old one before you disconnect the wires. Put a new one on. If you want to check it turn your key to on. Run a wire from one side of the solenoid to to other. If it turns over you know it is the solenoid.
  2. Can you get two hours straight trolling? I am not sure you can? Even with new batteries?? Anybody know?
  3. The mud is gone. Water is green a little small debree floating. Just a little. Very fishable.
  4. Ducks can bring fish eggs in. I caught a northern pike out of a farm pond in Nebraska.
  5. Over the last 10 years I have caught 5-6 over 20. Using rattle traps. One on a buzz bait. Worrell spinners. They will take anything flashy. Or noisy Lots of fun.
  6. I am in an old flatbottom trolling up the lake. Not one other boat on the lake. All of a sudden mister bass boat goes within 20 feet of my bow stops and starts throwing crank baits. ITS A PRETTY BIG LAKE. ALL I CAN SAY IDIOTS.
  7. I have used Walmart batteries for years. They last for years. Honeywell makes them private label for Walmart. Remember there are very few battery manufactures. Honeywell is a big private label manufacturer.
  8. Just like running it. Adds hours.
  9. I have known Matt the owner for 23 years. Great to do business with. Good guy. I just had a new merc I bought and the fuel pump was passing gas to the oil. Matt has one in two days and put it on. Warranty. Anytime I have taken my boats in for repair always fixed right.
  10. Any chance you could send a pic of the olive jig. I have never fished for trout but retiring in May thought I might give it a try, THANKS
  11. Do you catch many walleyes, if so can I ask what part of the lake? nice crappie.
  12. This comes up every year about crappy. They don t need to stock more. At flat creek last year april16 I was down. I counted 52 boats. CLEANING THE LAKE OF CRAPPY. I was down the whole week it was like that every day. Think how many fish ARE TAKEN. 1/32 over the size and they take them. Too easy to catch them. It is fishing pressure!! They should for the month of April no crappy fishing from point 15 for at least 2 miles up the James and flat creek. Think about it in two years you would catch a lot of 2-3 lb crappies. I fished those rivers before the internet and always caught 2-3 lb crappies. Now everybody posts what and where they catch fish and the wonder WHY the fish are smaller and less fish. Nothing matter with the lake. FISHING PRESSURE
  13. What does it cost you a month?
  14. Duckydoty, what color are you throwing catching those trout, 41/2" THANKS
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