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  1. 230 mins. If these batteries actually meet specs they're pretty impressive. 75 lbs. is a clue they probably will. I've designed a lot of commercial battery chargers and tested pallets of batteries. The devil is always in the details.
  2. I use two different ones for Table Rock: http://tablerock.uslakes.info/level.asp (has a nice graph of lake level over multiple years) https://www.swl-wc.usace.army.mil/pages/data/tabular/htm/tabrock.htm I also have the USCE sites for Bull Shoals and Beaver Lake bookmarked too so I can see status on how much power they are generating and if they are running any flood gates.
  3. I thought the same thing, Bill!
  4. Between yesterday and today about 3" in my rain gauge and it's still pouring here in Shell Knob. You could take a whitewater kayak ride down the ditch in front of my house, seriously. Lake level is flying up, I see they are running 5 gates and all the generators wide open. Wonder how high the lake will go before it's all said and done?
  5. I use a lot of the Boss replacement skirts. $3.50 for 5 of them makes it almost not worth tying your own if you like their stock colors. I keep a 3700 size box of my favorites on the boat along with a box of assorted sizes/types of Bo's bare Nutech jig heads.
  6. Me too. They do it with Golf (usually in association with Tiger doing something) as well... and I always roll my eyes when I hear it about either one.
  7. MGP

    Ned Heads?

    This past summer I was running low on Ned heads but Dave was out of commission. I went looking and I found these. I wanted a light wire weed guard, #1 Mustad Ultra Point hooks and the flat back mushroom head. Ned Rig/ Midwest Finesse Rig Weedless Shroom Head (10Pack) With Mustad Hooks I've been very pleased with them. They are reasonably priced, good quality hooks & paint and the guy ships fast.
  8. I just bought a house at Table Rock (Shell Knob area) in April and have been watching Pete and Eric's YouTube videos for at least a year before. Great info. Thanks Bill for all the great info you provide as well! Glad you are getting back on the water.
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