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Bachelor weekend = go fishing 😂

Got out Friday and Saturday.  Been a temporary bachelor around here and just figured might as well go fish Saturday too.  

Both days was a slow bite for me.  Got to fish Friday a little where I been wanting to go for awhile.  The fish seem better quality there but, once the gale force winds kick in and the boat traffic picks up, it makes it difficult.

Ended up moving to a little stretch of area for shelter and stayed there.  

Ended with 15 on Friday 

Saturday morning that wind was still a gusting.  Figure I go try a little  of an area where it’s somewhat manageable but, then the wind started tossing my tin can around so, opted for same area as Friday.   Ended with 10.

Rigging minnows....  WT 57-59 Fish caught Friday where  in 10-8 fow and Saturday fish caught where in 5-6 fow.  

Them males caught Saturday are starting to get their war paint on.  Coming up on my favorite method of rigging now 😁

Pics below and God bless 





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