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October 9. Big M area



Got to the Big M launch early in the morning, and it was very foggy.  Got a little ways outside the mouth of the Big M cove and started fishing as I wasn't going to run down the lake in the fog. 

Took Fido for a stroll, and picked up quite a few top water bites around docks and bluff lines.  Lots of bites, but the bass were having trouble grabbing the lure.  I think sometimes that zig-zag motion when walking the dog confuses them a bit and causes them to miss.  Put 6 or 7 in the boat (one keeper) on the top water and probably had another dozen misses.  Out of those dozen misses, I think 2 of them touched the lure. 

Had 2 doubles, but in both cases one of the fish pulled off before I could get them netted. 

Spent some time looking for the mid-channel top water bite, but not very much of that going on in spite of lots of shad swimming around in the channel.

Once the fog burned off, the top water bite died.  Threw a jig for a while, picked up a couple on it, had a good one pick it up and swim towards the boat, could not catch up to it and thus did not get a good hook set before he dropped it.

Water is clearing up a bit, saw water temps around 76-77. 



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