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Bill Babler
Bill Babler

Upper End. March Primer 3-8-18 Report

Well here goes.  

Fished out of Eagle the Rock Wednesday and Thursday and Big Creek today. 

Wednesday 8AM. ER launch temp 46. Fished on merky water up to Leatherwood. Threw a wart mostly. Not good. Also fished some swings and 45 degree banks. Tough. 3 total fish LM NO keeps. Fished 5 hrs. 

Usually this time if the year the river treats me better  

Thursday same launch, fished down stream, channel swings and last deep shelf in pockets, much better. Temps up to 52. 

LISTEN CLOSE, YOU NEED 48 RIGHT NOW.  It’s not 48, Rethink what your doing.  Fished to the Kings. 2’  to 4’ visibility. 

I cant get bit on anything Red like Bo or 99.9 others, they want green for me. On cranks, pull them and pick up the slack, if your reeling your moving to fast they want it super slow.  7 keeps 1 short all LM





Today launched at Big Creek and fished to Shell Knob and then back to Baxter.  Best bite I have had. 

5 keeps on a Wart and 6 really nice keeps on a custom Tim Hughes MB 110 plus. Regardless where I’m fishing this has not been an early bite for me. It’s starting at 9:30, so if you don’t get bit quick hang in there. also when you find them stay with them. These fish are not everywhere and if you catch one he will have friends.

Muddiest water is from Viney to Big Creek. Struggled in that stretch but did have a few back in the main creeks on the last deep water on the wart. 

Best bite was Big Creek to Baxter on the custom painted sticker.  Thanks Tim.  Durn it’s been a long time since they snarfed a sticker for me. 

Caught my first Ky’s of the season today, 4 of My keeps so they are starting to move up.


Fish seem to be in the channel side going into the pockets , coves or creeks on the last shelf rock. Not so much on the points.


Hope this gives all an idea where to start if you hVe not been out yet. Good luck tomorrow and can’t wait to see you all. 

Could not get half the pictures to load, sorry.

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