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Transom Build Scadden Excalibur XX

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My Life

I grew up in North West NJ, Sussex County. I'm an Appalachian Mtn. Born and Raised Country boy. I'm not from Joisey   Proud son of the Skylands region of NJ , near the border of NY, NJ and Pennsylvania in the Kittatinny Mountains. My family has history as some of the first inhabitants of the Milbrook Village in the Delaware Water Gap. A pretty popular tourist location with one room schoolhouse, black smith shop and all the trappings of the old world. http://www.njskylands.com/hsmillbroo



Taking The Maiden Voyage With The New Transom Setup Today

I took the day off today to get a long weekend. Plan to take the Excalibur out on the water and try out the new Lehre 5hp outboard and the new transom configuration. I hope this runs well. I have seen issues with water coming up close to the motor on lots of the Scadden toons out there but with the Excalibur XX I have the rear cross section of pontoon where you sit when you don't have the frame installed, so I hope that keeps the water surge from the toons down. We'll see! Eventually



Modifying Scadden Frame To A Transom And Be Able To Change Back

Transom design for my Scadden Excalibur XX with the two person LaserX frame. I didn't want to use the regular cargo plate that comes with the frame due to it not being wide enough or strong enough to handle my 5hp lehre propane motor. I decided to Mod the second person frame section and make it modular take down configuration. This way I could make a transom that was completely attached to the first frame when I want to run this inflatable in zodiac orientation and then reassemble back to the tw



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