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  1. Always heard that this was the quarry used to get the rock for the face and backside of the dam. Since it was made at the same time as the dam but up on the hills above the stream bed, the lake filled the quarry site as the lake level came up.
  2. Looking to float the Little Sac in a week or two for walleye. Should I start at Aldrich and fish upstream or at Orleans bridge and fish downstream? Minnows or crawlers?
  3. Fished Wednesday during the day. Started off fishing in 10 - 15 ft and casting toward the bank. Picked up fish on the graph but no luck with catching anything. Was ready to give up and head home but while trolling back to the launch, started seeing fish in the middle of the cove in about 25 ft, suspended at 15 - 20. Caught a bunch on 1/32 oz. jig & minnow, mostly short fish but enough keepers to provide me with supper.
  4. Will this air conditioner run off the 12v battery in my boat or will I need 24v? Sure would be nice on hot days.
  5. Fished Taylor today as well. Most folks got a few fish (males) but pretty slow. Saw guys with fly rods fishing clousers. spinner guys with jigs and plastic and a few with cranks. one person with minnows. I think I was the only one with a small generator and fishing with electricity. Bank fisher people being about as successful as boaters.
  6. Did you notice if the "sorta - kinda almost boat launch ramp" under the bridge is usable? Last I had seen it had a big drop-off at the water edge. In the distant past, I could launch a small boat off of a trailer.
  7. If you can eat white bass, you will find that drum are a true delicacy. As a kid, we would sometimes catch a drum while crappie fishing and keep both for supper. Only kept drum that were about crappie size.
  8. What is the shaft length?
  9. I think they are some kind of depth finder - you toss one out the boat and count the seconds until you hear it make a ping noise when it hits the bottom. That's why they got "Ping" written on them.
  10. When fishing for carp, you may want to use about a 8 wt. rod with a "fighting butt". Carp are so strong that you may want to hold the handle with your belly - trying to hold up your rod with just your wrist will wear you out. Without a fighting butt you may have to slide the reel down under your forearm for support. It takes awhile to land a big carp but it sure is fun.
  11. If you are willing to slip out a little on "fly rod purity" for carp, back when I was a kid I would attach a very small treble hook to my leader and put one kernel of canned corn ("Nibblets" worked well) on each barb and toss it into areas where I knew there were carp. Can't do much for distance casting but with fishing off the bank, the trees are in the way anyhow.
  12. Zonkers and Deceivers also work on crappie and their heads are light enough to use under floats. Personally, I prefer to twitch them along without a float - part of the fun with using a fly rod is to feel the strike - but sometimes I need to let a breeze slip my flies into the cover.
  13. I was over at Cedar Ridge a few days ago and there was a cluster of RV's and tents near the "campers" boat ramp.
  14. The only place on the Little Sac that causes me some concern (depending on water level) is an area about 100 - 125 yards long between the first and second steep rock banks on the east side when going down stream from Taylor bridge. The water through there, with the current water level, is about two feet deep all across from bank to bank. Most of rest of the river if you go down the middle will run at least four feet deep in the channel all the way to Taylor bridge. Don't know of any mid-stream rocks but like any river, there is always the possibility of a tree falling in the river but I've never encountered one that hasn't been visible.
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