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  1. rzbker

    Lake is way up

    They're working on it
  2. yes, last Wednesday during that storm, there was a tornado warning at 3 miles south of Garfield heading to the NE. When it got close to the lake it turned due East, so that should have put the rotation in that area. I have not heard of it touching down, but we had some pretty severe straight line winds.
  3. Good job QB! I eased up Big Clifty on Friday after the lake came up to 1128. Some debris for sure and I am certain that these dang fish got a good feeding from the runoff. Water was pretty good around Point 5 and of course when you moved up river, it got stained with debris. Did more exploring than good fishing, but got the boat out for the first time this year. Had a bucket of minnows and a umbrella rig I just threw for grins. Caught one LM that was short. If it is going to be anything like last year, the COE kept the lake around 1125 this summer. I pity dock owners right now. Reel
  4. rzbker

    Rod repair

    You might check with Southtown Sporting Goods in Fayetteville, by the mall. Call them first.
  5. rzbker


    Try Barnett Pawn and Bait in Gateway. 479-656-3730 for shad bait.
  6. Yesssireee......I'll be after them the rest of the week
  7. Thanks EZ, I've got some of those, but I need to check to see if they are the shad blue. Going to let Laura blow through and maybe get out at the first of the week. Keep your line tight!
  8. Well I am hoping since I leave the lake to the weekend warriors, maybe Tuesday or Wendsday is looking real nice as far as the weather. Dang, I sure love retirement!
  9. Thanks Greg, I am going to meander over to Rocky Branch next week, it is supposed to be great weather. Is there much traffic around there, particularly between points 6 & 7 that you are aware of?
  10. Thanks for the info. I learned early on that the striper population up on this end pretty well keeps the crappie in check. Since I put in around point 4, motoring down to Rocky Branch in the fall is likely going to be the norm. I think that's around point 7 and the AFGC has mapped their sunken structures up to there. I need to go exploring that area. The good part of it all is that the walleye are mostly on this end of the lake and between eating crappie and/or walleye.......well that's why I go!
  11. Man, I was using small ones (last that I had). I was thinking that was the problem. I don't think this last cold (cool) front that came through did much to them to get them shallower. Even though the water temp dropped about 5 degrees. I was spotting them around 20 ft in 30 FOW. Thanks
  12. Been hitting North Big Clifty lately with slip bobber and minnows. Not much luck. Switched over to a small sassy shad and caught a couple of small ones. What is a good recommendation now for jigs? I am not trolling, just jigging. Thanks in advance....
  13. Thanks Greg. I went out this morning and didn't do a whole lot of good. Mostly scouting new areas up North Big Clifty. I saw some good banks that you described, I'll give em a shot tomorrow.
  14. Now that the weather has finally broke, I'm heading out first thing and plan on going thru wednesday. It'll be interesting to see now that the lake is at 1125.63. I'm going to work a couple of coves, scan em' first and go from there. No trolling, I am a minnow/slip bobber kinda guy. Had to run to town today, sure saw a lot of campers coming in instead of going home. Kinda funny for a Sunday, Hmmmmm....... I also wonder if anyone had any luck this weekend (mile 5). Keep us posted!
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