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Hello From A Struggling Rookie Flyfisherman

CS Huntley

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Hello everyone, I'm Chris and I live in Springfield. I grew up in Missouri (near Lebanon) and baitfished throughout most of my childhood at Lake Pomme De Terre. When I was old enough I joined the military and served our country for six great years. After I got out I moved back home (or close to home at least) and started back to school. I'm currently a senior at Missouri State and when I get any free time (which seems to be rare between school and work) I like to fish. I have had a cheap fly rod from Wal-Mart for years and picked it back up last January. I really had no idea what I was doing with the thing but still managed to catch trout in the Niangua and at the State Park nearby there. Well I have recently upgraded to a TFO rod and man does that thing make a difference! I have only been down to Taney once and didn't have much luck, because I really still don't kow what I'm doing as far as fly fishing goes. I'm hoping to pick up some info here in the forums and get back down to the lake once the water levels drop off enough to wade below the dam again. Really hoping to get some night fishing in this fall/winter as well. Any and all advice is welcome.


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Welcome to the forum. I would suggest going back and looking at some of the old threads. Chances are any questions you might have have already been answered here 100 times. It's a great resource and you can learn a lot from these guys. Some of them are expert fly fishermen. Enjoy!

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Welcome CS,

Lotsa good folks here that will lend a hand, but the best advice I can offer is to team up with somebody who is good at it.

Good move on the TFO. Those are nice rods, and should be a big step up from the Wally Mart rod.

You're positioned about perfectly in Springfield to take advantage of all the Missouri trout water.


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Welcome, and do check the threads for advice. Crane Creek, though a tough fish, is a fairly short drive. One tip: learn to mend line. I'm still learning, but have improved. You'll find yourself down the road of flyfishing wondering how you got so far in skills/knowledge, yet, a long road is still in front of you. That's just one of the appealing aspects of flyfishing.

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Welcome CS

First thing to remember is that Fly Fishing is not as mysterious as you would think.

Anytime you are headed down to Taneycomo give me a shout and I would be happy to meet up with you and see if I can add to what you already know.


Glass Has Class

"from the laid back lane in the Arkansas Ozarks"

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