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Generation On The White And Norfork


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Ok, so I understand that for several years, we've had above average rain fall, but, can we expect generation on the White and Norfork Tailwaters to decrease anytime soon?

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Since 1/8 of the population of Arkansas gets its drinking water out of Beaver, I think they're always reluctant to let it drop much unless they have to. So I think in general, there won't be much flow out of it in a normal rainfall year.

John B

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As a guide and fisherman on the white for 35 years I say bring on the water!! Low water is great for wading and Fly fishing but not for the fish and the river, I say bring on the water. The high water of the last few years has helped the river grow more and better fish than low water ever will.You can go out and catch more fish now in one day than you could in three days ten years ago.The problem most people have with high water is they are not using enough weight to get the bait on the bottom where the fish are.Also with water you can cover a whole lot more of the river and bring your bait or lure by more big fish than just standing or anchoring in one spot.Also high water separates the men from the boys on the mighty WHITE!!

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If you live here and are determined to fish the White, you need access to a boat and a good set of waders. Boat when they run water and wade when they don't ; Both are fun and productive. I refuse to be held captive by the COE.

10 inches of snow is another story.

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