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Peppy Scud Question

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I was wondering if anyone had a picture of a Peppy Scud. I see that there is a link for it, but it looks like the pictures have been removed.


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My wife just brought home two Pomeranian puppies. One of them looks like it would makie an excellent tan scud. lol :wacko:

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It's a cat that barks.

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I seem to have a lot of trouble getting the pictures to load on most of the fly recipes for some reason. This is especially true on the older ones.

On a side note I was down this past weekend and did use a peppy scud below the dam for a little bit. I'm far from an expert up there, so I didn't catch a ton of fish. I did pick up a couple small fish and one nice 18in rainbow on the peppy scud though.

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Nope. I haven't run out of "Peppy" fir. This fly imitates a scud which is gray in color. I use it in sizes 18 to 10's with a weighted size 12 being my favorite on Taneycomo.

It was originally posted in the original flies section of Ozark Anglers though appears to have been lost in the transition to the new format. I don't know if Phil has the pics to redisplay the tying of this fly.

Many years ago my wife used to shear our dog, a cockapoo, in the spring to make him more comfortable in the warm weather. His name was "Peppy". I started saving that fir and developed the Peppy scud which is still one of the best flies I have ever used on Taneycomo. Peppy died in 1988. He was a great friend to our family.

The gray cockapoo fir is blended with gray antron which provides some sparkle to the fly.

I will check my old picture files and see if I still have the pictures. If so, I will post it.


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