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Cape Fair Marina Nightly Slip Rental A Joke . . .


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$30 a night for a covered slip for a 16 foot fishing boat . . . . . give me a break . . . . the Marina at Bass Pro Shops Big Cedar Lodge (also too rich for my blood) only charges $20 . . . and I thought that was high . . . . . . Geeeeeeez . . . . . wouldn't be a bad deal if it included all-you-can-eat at their restaurant . . . . . I don't have a need for a nightly slip rental very often, but I thought the going rate on midwest lakes was around $12-$15 night . . . .am I badly mistaken? . . . . . please correct me and I owe an apology if I am simply out of touch with the $30/night price :-)

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Yikes! That does seem awefully darn high. Not sure why they would charge so much, unless they've got some kind of amazing amenities included with that rate? We stay at the smaller resorts on the lake and some charge less than $10 a night for a covered slip.


But, those with more info on the subject, may know better than I.:-)

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I'll weigh in on this since I have a marina. I've never seen Cape Fair Marina and don't know the people there. Don't know anything about the business other than they're on Table Rock.

Can't compare a marina to a resort. A resort makes their money in rooms and most resort's marina or stall business is only a small fraction of what they make total. So they can scrimp on stall rates and get by. That's how I see it here at my place.

Marinas make their money in stalls and boats and if they have a tackle shop- that too. But most of the money is going to be in boat rental. Monthly stall rental is big on some marinas if they have a bunch of stalls.

Not knowing their situation, I would say they only have a few stalls open for nightly rental space- everything else is used by monthly or weekly customers- and they charge $30 because it non consequential if they rent by the night. I agree, $30 could and probably does have a negative affect cause they kinda have the customer over a barrel since they may be the only place in the area you can rent a stall by the night- don't know. I know Table Rock's prices are higher than Taneycomo's - boat rental and stall rental- mainly because TR's season is much shorter and they have to make their $$$ in few months where we are year-round.

It's business and ultimately the customer has the final say.

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I havent been down there to see it yet, but heard they have a brand new marina, cafe and a very nice tackle shop. That doesnt come cheap. Jeremy R. said he was impressed so it must be nice.

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