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Spring Between Scotts Ford And Riverview Access?


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I don't remember where it was exactly, but somewhere about 1/2 way thought this float on Saturday there is a spring immediately off the river on the left hand side (as you are floating downstream). I thought that it was really neat and kinda odd. Does anyone know what I am referring to, and if so, is there a name for it? I wish I had taken a picture. We stopped there and fished for a while and also swam in the cool water.

Fishing was good to very good. We caught a ton of fish, mostly on spinnerbaits. Most were smallish with the exception being an 18 1/4" smallie caught by my buddy on a shakeyhead that is our biggest of the year so far.

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Well, I Googled Richart Spring and it came up with this MDC map. I cropped it and attached it here. This map indicates that the name of the spring is "Roaring Spring". But when I Google "Roaring Spring" + "Meramec" something about Stanton, MO comes up?


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The USGS Topo (Cuba 7.5 quad) has that labeled as Fox Springs. You can download free ones using the map locator under the Maps & Pubs tab..


Missouri DNR's "Springs of Missouri" lists a Roaring Spring near Cuba & one in Stanton...but no Fox Springs on the Meramec..


Definetly the same spring hole though. Cheers.

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I was curious if you caught any walleye or white bass on that float?

No, sir. And we did the same float again 8/20. I've never caught a walleye on the Meramec so far. And I have only caught 1 white, and that was about 5 miles below Onondaga.

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