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2013 Polar Bear Results


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Prize money was paid to the top six teams. All teams listed weighed a six-bass limit.

1. Nick Frakes, Andy Benson, 21 pounds, 2 ounces.
2. Larry Walker, Jared Gobel, 17-12.
3. Warren Edwards, Allan Shannon, 16-5.
4. Rocky Hopkins, Jerry Ray, 15-15
5. Tony Anderson, Scott Patton, 15-14.
6. Jason Mitchell, Sheldon Vinson, 15-6.

Congrats and good job to all on a miserably cold day.


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Thanks for the info Champ, 21 lbs., pretty good bag.

No kidding! That is impressive, even for 6 fish in Beaver. That's a 3.5lb average.

John B

08 Skeeter SL210, 225F Yamaha

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Sounds like the winning team was fishing deep, no surprise there. :have-a-nice-day: I really think the channel swings and channel meets point are the key to bigger bass on Beaver. Just wish I was better at finding those places....

Stump, finding them is easy with a good map. You can even use an online map like acme mapper. Its a basic topo map, but it will show where the main channel swings into the bank or off a point. I believe the river channel is in blue while the lake is purple. Its not as fancy as some paper maps I've seen, but it works and I use it often. http://mapper.acme.com/ Hope this helps.

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