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Super Bowl

Jeff Olson

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Good Game, worse halftime show ive ever seen! Now how about an act that actually gets up there and sings and doesnt just do a strip tease and booty shake.

Do you think the people in the rarefied air seats behind them enjoyed it? It is some what of a joke anymore because the show is generally aimed at the TV audience. They used to put on bigger shows aimed at the stadium audience.

It was a good game, one of the better. The Dodge ad was nice, but I enjoyed Hardee's also. :rolleyes:

This whole season of bowl games and playoff games was a cut above the norm to me because of all the close games and the come from behind victory. If there has been a season with more I can't remember it.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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They have the superbowl in LA and no New Orleans music and why can't they have the National anthem sung by, oh I don't know, maybe a member of the military, instead of that garbage performance insult to this country. But I guess maybe I'm just old fashioned. But the NFL is fixed and corrupt from start to finish but it gives criminals something to do on Sunday afternoon.

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I was hoping the 49'ers were going to pull it off... Then we could say that the Rams had a better team than the Superbowl Champs because they beat them and tied them during the season :have-a-nice-day:

-- Jim

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles. -- Doug Larson

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Sounds like everyone stayed up too late and is in a bad mood today, I enjoyed the game, and I'm not opposed to a little booty shake every once in a while!

"The problem with a politician’s quote on Facebook is you don’t know whether or not they really said it." –Abraham Lincoln

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