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6Wt Rod. Who Uses One?


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Just wondering how many use a 6wt rod and for what? I got a good deal on one so I made a compulsive buy. Up to now all I have is an old 7wt, a 5wt, and a couple 4wt rods. Was thinking this rod would work for most anything around here. Haven't used it yet but have added a Konic reel with some good quality WF line and it cast pretty nice on dry land (back yard). Wondering if this can be the best of both worlds, that is, bass and trout. Not rod savvy enough to know just where to draw the line on this rod. Looking for some opinions of others which I know everyone has one.

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Great rod for throwing weighted nymphs in big water, smaller streamers, poppers, etc. Best rod for NFoW.

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My favorite rod is my Cortland Fairplay 5/6wt. Does that count? It's big enough to fling stuff a ways and slower than my TFO 4wt.

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Is there really that much difference between a 5 wt and a 6wt? I would think that the speed of the rod would be the defining factor. If I'm wrong, please enlighten me. I have a 3 wt that is pretty slow and a 5 wt that I would say is medium fast.I also overline my 5 wt to a 6 wt line. I'm actually thinking about a 7 wt or even an 8 wt for bass. If you got a great deal on the rod I say great enjoy it. I'd probably buy it too.

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I have a TFO Clouser 6 wt that I use a TON. Its my exclusive smallmouth rod as it throws streamers and poppers just fine plus it works great for throwing smaller articulated streamers for trout if we are fishing the White, Norfork, or NFOW. Its also my go-to rod for night fishing on Taney or the White. I have a 7wt that just gathers dust now cuz I use the 6wt so much and if i'm throwing big streamers for big trout or stripers, I use my 8wt.

6 wts rule...


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