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My First Post And Saying Thanks


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This is my first time posting anything on here and after I read a post by Phil I figured it was time. I don't know how much more I will post but thought I would try it once. I would consider myself as a recreational fisherman. I have thirteen year old son that loves fishing maybe more than me. My son and I do fish in the weekend cape fair tournaments. This weekend we had three keepers and I did happen to get lucky and catch a good one. It won the big bass at 7.10. We made a little run to baxter area. I had my son throw a A-rig all day never once did he put it down. He played quarter back for the Ozark seventh grade team last year. I hope throwing that A-rig all day he might get another 15 yards on his passes next year. The big fish came in about 35 ft of water between two large docks. The other fish were in about 15-20 ft with pole timber. I want to get to the main reason for my post. I keep talking about my boy. Like me, he is always on OAF reading the post and learning. Guys, you have a GREAT thing going here. I don't know Lilly, Babler, Champ, there are way to many names to put down. Josh, don't know you either but you helped my son catch a few crappie this weekend. I will be honest I didn't know a dang thing about crappie fishing. So thanks Josh. I'm pretty sure I was in the same area as you on Sunday. I would have personally told you thanks. I took up fishing about three years ago. I have learned in those years more about the "CODE" of fishing with the other fisherman. There are those that know you fish but don't want to talk about it. There are those that will talk about it and tell you they are catching them on a ZARA spook in december. Then there are the ones that will talk fishing and tell you what is going on or even yet not talk they want to take you fishing. I feel that is what we have with OAF. Real fisherman that like to fish and will help one another. I had a good fisherman tell me once I'm not competing against the other fisherman, I'm competing against the fish in Table Rock. I want to end by saying I'm in full favor of a OAF get together. I would like to put a face to the names that my son and I read about. Again to every fisherman on this forum thank you so much. Remember life can be short and we are so blessed to be able to par-take in something we all love FISHING.

Thanks Darren and Dalton


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I agree and thanks for sharing your sentiment. Great job in the tourny. Spending time with our kids is awesome and has a positive impact on all things in life for both the adult and the youngen.

I understand when someone doesn't want to share what their catching them on, but I'm soooo appreciative of those that do share. My sons like to go fishing but they also like video games so I occassionally grab a controller and play with them cause I love it when they toss on a life jacket, grab a reel, and hang with me.

I'd like to thank my FUTURE sponsers: Falcon Rods, Jewel Bait Co, and Seagar

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A very kind post and wow, what a fish! Glad that you and your son enjoy fishing together and we hope you'll keep visiting the forum often and put in your 2-cents' worth. We'll try to steer you right. :)


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