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Fished Beaver Today 3-3-13

Bill Babler

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Dumped the Big Phoenix in at the Back Ramp at Rocky Branch today, with the thoughts of maybe a walleye in mind. Didn't take to long to put that out of my mind cause about my 3 rd. cast I caught a very nice Jaw, about 17,5 inches.

Quite abit of wind out there today and not many boats. Pretty much could fish anywhere you wanted knowing you would be the first boat of the day on it.

Forgot how beautiful Beaver is and what magnificent homes decorate its shoreline. What a great place to live. The views and vistas go on and on.

When I first stuck my toe in the water at 9:30 it was 41.9 When I pulled off at 3:30 it was 44 so it warmed up a little. Still a mite cool out there.

Got on a really nice Cedar Tree patern today, with 8 very nice keepers mostly LM coming off the trees. Total of 9 keeps plus a short or two.

Kind of got on it by accident Pulled back in a pocket that the gulls were just going crazy in and threw the A-Rig and the Sticker all over a 1/2 acre of dying shad. Notin.

Looked back down the point and there was a nice full Cedar with the crown just out of the water, but I could tell it was a full tree. Setting in about 20 ft. Slid the McStick about 12' by and jerked it into the outter limbs, and Whamo Nice 3 lb. LM. Threw it back on the other side and a short K. Looked across the pocket and by gosh there was another tree just pretty much like this one. Hopped over and Bam again a very nice 18" K. At that point I became a Tree Surgen. Fished the rest of the day and did not catch one out of every perfect tree, but I put 6 more solid keepers in the boat on the McStick Blue Bandit in and around Cedar trees at the head of small pockets.

Great day on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

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That's a great way to catch em this time of year on The Beav. Glad you had a good day. That blue bandit McStick works as good as any for me.


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Lots and lots of dying shad up the pockets in Rambo. Hundreds of gulls working them. Do you all ever catch any Stripers up there? Worked some of those big pockets but didn't see any big archs. At times up there the shad blacked me out from 40' up. Usually don't so that heavy of clouds of them on the Rock.

Would just love to hook into one of those Beaver Lake Bad-Boy's on an Unbrella or a sticker. Maybe next time.

Nary caught a single fish on the shad. All the bass were on cover. Fished alot of really nice transition stuff on the channel banks. Stuff that gets you bit on the Rock. Nothing. I creek arm channel transition bank for the first Small Jaw and the rest out of trees.

You just could not roll in and fish a tree line. I tried it several times. Single Cedar trees on inside points or at the mouth of a pocket. It was really fun.

Good Luck

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That's a great day bill. How long was the pause on the stick bait? I have a hard time letting it sit past a 10 count. I spoke to mike mclelland a while back and he said he pops it pretty quick on beaver even in that real cold water.

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Bill they are in that area at times, right now they are scattered bad and deep. I avoid shad die-off areas as the fish that are there are normally full belly critters. Now if you hit it the day or two after it Cat time :)

I hit the tail-waters today for 1 trout, marked alot of nice marks around Holiday Island but no takers water was cold, I would bet next weekend will be decent if not good.

Stripers on Beaver will turn on when the water gets in the mid 50's and the Gizzards move onto the flats, I think I can introduce you to a couple of them :)

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That for sure would be my pleasure.

Spoke to Mikey MC. today. He is goan hit Beaver tomorrow with the family and try to nab a walter or a crappie or two.

It did not have to set long.. Just about as soon as I worked it even with a tree and paused it one would nab it. 10-15 seconds at most. Got to move it alot slower on Bull for the Eyes that we have been catchin.

Closer to the tree you can get the better. I probably messed up half the trees I fished getting to close. Did not however lose a single stickbait today. Got them all back from those bushy cedar rascules.

You all know of course fishing trees with triple hooked stickbaits is a very heavy risk reward type of fishing.

Good Lucki Off to the Rock in the morning. Just about to get really busy.


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Beaver really is a stunningly beautiful lake to fish. I never tire of the scenery. But TR is a close 2nd.

We've fished both recently and, like you found, the patterns that work on TR do not automatically work on Beaver. You'd think they would since they're sister lakes, but they sure fish differently.

Glad you got into a good pattern and, as usual, thanks for sharing.

John B

08 Skeeter SL210, 225F Yamaha

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