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James River Sows


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Fished around Blunks from 10-2 whites were everywhere. Caught most of mine on a suspending rapala minnow around chunk rock 5-10 feet out. Another boat we were with got most of theirs on a mud bank with some type of swimming minnow. It was rainy and cold and awesome.



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At my age, I balance the pain in my hands from cleaning that bunch versus the enjoyment at eating. You won!

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I'd say if you put in at Walnut Springs and headed up river you could almost get to Blunks. That first shoal down from Blunks is prob only 2-3 feet deep in a couple spots. The first stretch down from Blunks is where we hit em yesterday. The James south of Springfield was up and rollin pretty good this morning. If it's up like that in Galena I'd say they will move up pretty fast. We didn't go above Blunks to see if any were up there, but the straight stretch just below Blunks you could see the males lined up along the banks. The sows we got were a little further down around the corner. I'd say by the weekend they wil be up to Taylor Shoal and higher.

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Cold day but the fish are still bitin'. Same area they were in last weekend. Most were caught on an xrap or jig. We did run up to Taylor shoal and the cave hole but saw nor caught any whites. They all seem to still be below blunks.


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i love to catch white bass but return all to the water. in my opinion(not trying to be a troublemaker) they are terrible eating. why not return them to the water and let them spawn? think how many there would be to catch in a couple of years. crappie and walleye are excellent eating and they reproduce in large numbers. i realize the life of a white bass is short(5 years or less) but i still think they taste terrible. just sayin! hope all of you catch a bunch.

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