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For years I've had my boats insured through my homeowners policy. I like the agent I have and they've been very fair with me, but I'm wondering what others are doing with their coverage. My boat is in a slip on the water a couple months in the spring and again for a month in the fall. Most of the other times it's on the trailer in my garage.

What companies are the most economical, offer the the best customer service, service claims fairly and promptly, and have the best reputations.

With the cost of electronics and gear on and in boats these days I'd hate to think about having to replace any or all of it on my own dime should the unexpected happen.

I'm not sure I want to make a change but if there's something out there that's a good deal I'm willing to explore it.


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I am an independent insurance agent for multiple companies. I am not looking to sell you by any means. I would strongly advise that you look into a specific "Boat Policy". Talk to your agent about it. There are many benefits to having a policy separately, too many to mention on here.

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You boat is covered like any other trailing device when it is attached to your insured vehicle for liability only if it hits something else. But in order to cover it physically for comphrensive claims, it will need it own policy. I don't think a homeowner policy will cover it if something happens. It will not cover a car or motorcycle if you have a fire in the garage.

Speak to your agent about your concerns. If it is a nice boat and an investment, I would look into a policy that covers it. And some states require it on the water for liability.

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I think Arkansas when I lived there required insurance if you had over 50hp motor. I was required to have insurance even on my 40hp boat by the fishing club I belonged to so I could fish the tournaments I still carry it mainly it covers towing for the trailer and the truck and protects me if my equipment is destroyed in a accident or stolen.

I have scene people put their trailer and pick up in the lake when launching and another guy back his boat and trailer into another guys bot and trailer coming out of the lake...........of course that was when I lived in Arkansas. I shopped around and Progressive Ins gave me the best rate and now my boat is so old that the rate is so low I haven't checked other companies in a while and I've never had a claim so I can't comment on their service

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