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Largemouth Trying To Eat Another Largie!

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If you haven't seen this one by now take a look! Both bass are about the same size. Goes to show you that you can't go too small when fishing for old bucketmouth!


"you can always beat the keeper, but you can never beat the post"

There are only three things in life that are certain : death, taxes, and the wind blowing at Capps Creek!

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Word on the street is that it was a domestic dispute.

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A few years back, Kdan and I witnessed a 7lb brown eat a small brown trout, 10 inch, and attempt to eat a much larger rainbow, probably 14 inch, all in the same day. He would grab them from the side and hold their gills closed while they drowned. He would then try to swallow head first. We nicknamed him the "fish eater brown". we caught and released him 4 times that season.

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Was burning a rattle trap across a shallow flat and had a 12" LM hit it, then a 5lber ate him head first and was throat hooked by one of the exposed points on RT, pinning the nose of the short fish to the throat of the big one.

I had to "rip them apart" to get my RT back and separate them, and they both swam away fine when released but the big fish lost alot of blood and probably died later.

Kind of a sad ending to an exciting moment....but what can ya do?

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Years ago we were fishing around Cape Fair and found two fish like that except they had both died. The biggest was close to 7 lb. and the smaller was at about 3 or 4 lbs. It is quite a sight to see.

If fishing was easy it would be called catching.

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I'd say that the bigger fish of the 2 had the typical case of Lockjaw.

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