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I am looking at 2 St Croix spinning rods for some pan fish fishing and maybe a bass not and again. It will be used both from the bank and a 16' jon boat. I'm looking at the following

Premier PS86LM2 @ $130

Panfish Series PFS80LMF2 @150 Scratch this one it's made in Mexico

The line weight and lure weight are the same for both, #4-#8 line and 1/16 to 5/16 for the Premier & 1/16 to 1/4 for the Panfish Series.

I have 2 other St Croix rods both Premiers and I love the way they cast and they are very sensitive.

I will be putting a Pluegar 20, 25 or 30 reel on it, probably a GX7-30 as I have one that I am not using currently.

Anyone have any experience with either of these rods. Can't decide if the Panfish Series is worth the extra money.

Both make in the USA which is a plus

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I bought %'6" premier ultra light and used it to throw I/32oz jigs on 4lb line loved it cost $99.00 at BPS and I don't fish for small bluegills and this rod handles 10"+ bluegill I think it would work fine for crappie but I have an older Fenwick I throw 1/16oz crappie jigs with

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I have a PS66ULF that I use for the light stuff and a PS70MF for the heaver stuff. Was looking at something in between and longer. I have even caught some 11" LMB on the UL and that can be fun.

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I have been using SC Premier spinning rods for a long time. I've had 3 of the 2pc. 6'6" med/lt rods break above the ferrule at the same exact spot, but I keep buying them anyway because I just like the feel of them. I buy a new one and send the busted tip in for a replacement so I always have a backup. I like a 2pc. for canoeing and for hike-in spots, but if you are always in a regular boat or dont have issues transporting it I'd recommend the 1pc. Premier for sure.

IMO the Avid spinning rods aren't enough better to justify the price difference.

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I had a premier ultralite rod for a couple of years, but unfortunately got stepped last fall, so this year I bought a 5'6" Falcon ultralite rod. Made in the ol USA (or so it says). Combined that with pwr pro braid, and I really couldn't tell much difference. Plus it was better than half the price of the St Croix. So far just as happy with it. I own a few St. Croix rods, and I think they are great, especially if you can get them on sale. It's really tough for me to shell out over $130 for a rod. But when I find them and Falcon rods on sale, I'll usually jump on them. I bought the Falcon ultra light at Dunn's in Pevely I think it was under $60. Not sure which ultralite model it is.



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