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Float Trip - Pulltite To Two Rivers


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Great pictures tjulianc (well that's hard to spell). About those campers, though. You're kidding right? All those river miles and all those gravel bars, and you go 0 for 2 on the isolation bit? That sucks. It's easy for me to say "I woulda said sompthin.." But, that's just talk. Still, that bothers me for some reason. Then again, confrontation can have unexpectedly poor results, as we all know.

Regardless, you were out there doing it . Good for you.

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The last time I had campers on the same bar in a later conversation it was "We always camp on this bar". Maybe that was what you ran into, habit.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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The Current River from Round Spring to Two Rivers is beautiful. It's the most scenic river I've been on besides the Buffalo.

"Of all the liars among mankind, the fisherman is the most trustworthy."

"There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot."

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