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Waterfowling Rules.

Feathers and Fins

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I got to thinking from one of the other threads on here about Waterfowl safety and etiquette, there are more and more new people to the sport and thought it might be helpful to pass on some of what I was taught growing up. It might help you avoid conflicts and injuries.

  1. Do not set-up within 200 yards of another group and 300 is better.
  2. Do not waterswat a bird in the direction of other hunters ( that mean injured or uninjured birds)
  3. Do not call at other people birds ( If they are calling do not try and pull the those birds off them )
  4. Do not pass shoot on others birds
  5. Do not trespass
  6. Do not leave trash ( make all attempts to pick up your trash )
  7. Know where others are
  8. Never shoot early or late ( legal time is legal time )
  9. Do not skybust birds ( Know your range )
  10. Public does not give anyone the right to be rude.

Some of the lesser rules.

  1. If you are late and the trucks left for the lake you better catch up or not hunt
  2. If you are the coffee man and forget it you will never live it down
  3. If you forget TP don’t expect others to share their valuable resource
  4. If you fall in the mud you will be laughed at
  5. If you are late twice there will not be a third
  6. If your dog breaks and your asked not to bring it again DON’T!
  7. Do not ask to bring friends.
  8. Never give out another guys spot
  9. Never shoot before the kids do if there are kids with you
  10. The kid got the band no matter what so get over it.
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Dang it Duane I was only 20 seconds late.

"We have met the enemy and it is us",


   If you compete with your fellow anglers, you become their competitor, If you help them you become their friend"

Lefty Kreh

    " Never display your knowledge, you only share it"

Lefty Kreh

         "Eat more bass and there will be more room for walleye to grow!"


    " One thing in life is for sure. If you are careful you can straddle the barbed wire fence but make one mistake and you will be hurting"


  P.S. "May your fences be short or hope you have long legs"


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Dont shoot the decoys!

Had a buddy put 18 pellets clean through one of my decoys opening day of the middle zone. That poor decoy had entry wounds and exit wounds. It was one of those Drake double duty decoys I bought a few years ago. They are thin as a milk jug but super light for those long walk in hunts.

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Speaking of Decoys I really need to do a write-up on how mine are done. If I told you 14dz could be put out in less than 20 minutes would you believe it? That question is for everyone but Ducky he has seen the set-up.

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