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The "Mohawk" sculpin


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This sculpin is very simple to tye... It is one good fly for sight fishing and using at night...

Hook: Targus streamer 6-12

thread: olive 6/0 or bigger

lead eyes (mini)

Dubbing: Flashabou chartreuse

tail: cross cut rabbit strips

Prism eyes ( your choice)

super glue

Category: sculpin


species: both warm and both water fish (bass, trout, crappie, bluegills)


Insert the hook though the rabbit strip.. and put the hook in the vise..


Tye in the eyes, using a figure 8..


Add you dubbing and roll it thread... now work your way up the hook...


make 1 wrap both ways around the eye with the dubbing and tye off (but dont cut your thread!!)


Remove the hook (fly from the vise) and turn it upside down and super gule the rabbit down.. may need a toothpick to keep the glue off your fingers..

Last step is to tye off the rabbit strip and whip finish.. and the should be some super glue still on the fly... hang it upside down for about 15 minute... the glue will soak down the the thread and glue the head.

May need to trim the tail to lenght of hook... where the fur of the rabbit ends..

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