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Ozark Anglers Fly Tiers Wanted - DATES CHANGED

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Wanted: Ozark Anglers fly tiers to tie trout flies for supporting the upcoming Healing Waters Project in Lake Taneycomo.

Lilleys Landing has sponsored the Healing Waters Project for the last 6 years (in August) to provide a day and a half of trout fishing for approximately 27 returning wounded warrior vets. They have also provided some meals and lodging. Some local businesses have provided food and a show for these vets.

Several of the local guides and a few individuals provide their time and boats to take the vets fly fishing for this event.

It would be appropriate for Ozark Anglers fly tiers to participate and tie a box or boxes of trout flies for this occasion. Only one box of flies would be given to a participating vet. Any extra sets will either be saved for the next season or given to the Director for dispersal for other needs.


Provide a box or boxes of approximately 24 common trout flies you normally use when fly fishing Lake Taneycomo. I would suggest tying 4 flies each of 6 different types of flies such as midges, scuds, small jigs, soft hackles, egg flies, fry flies and/or san juan worms.

Put a label on the bottom of the box that reads "tied by -- add your name" and send them to:

Phil Lilley -- Project Healing Waters

Lilleys Landing Resort

367 River Lane

Branson, MO. 65616

We need these no later than the first of August.

Who will join me and contribute to this worthy project.

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  • Root Admin

I understand u guys r in need of flys. I don't tie my own yet, but I do tie up my own 1/16 and 1/8 oz marabou jigs. If you guys need any just let me know. Love to help

Jigs would be great too!! Thanks

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  • Root Admin

What an awesome idea. I have never tied any flies, but is there any other way to donate to this cause? Gofundme page or anything like that?


There was a fund raiser last fall


They may do it again... but this is something you can donate to or you can give directly to the organization.

Gofundme site take a portion of the money raised but a donation directly to the group- they get all of it.

Very generous- thanks!

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