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Haven't been to either. Planning on Table Rock in April. Is one better than the other, for bigguns & numbers. Also some April tactics would useful to know. Any helpful ideas are appreciated.

Thanks for the ideas. I'll be at Big Cedar in long creek. Sounds like it will keep me & my jon boat busy!

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Table Rock and the dam area. Pea gravel banks in late April and May.

Have caught some dandy smallies on top during this time at B.S. But my pick would would have to agree with Lilley on this one. The dam's pea gravel, and pea gravel pockets.

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Bull Shoals has some good smallmouth but not like Table Rock. You can get them all over the lake but if I were picking an area it would be from Point 10 to the dam. The particular pattern can vary and it is a bit early to set it in stone.

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