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Hello my name is Jason I was a member before but forgot my email,  so had to register again.  Was out in Coffman cove Saturday before last, white bass were really feeding on shad, then the next day they shut off, all fish I caught were females, getting ready to spawn any day. 3 inch swimming minnow, is what I used. Went Sunday for crappie,  no dice. I'd say the males will be on the bank early this weekend.  






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Nice job    They  have been coming up on that pea gravel point  about 130    What time  did you catch them ?  We took some nice ones from that tree row    



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  Thank you for an honest and detailed report. I know many people will profit from your information in the coming weeks. I wanted to put in my two cents worth concerning the Big Whites. I found out by accident many years ago while I was Bass fishing with Spinnerbaits that I could catch really big ones with them. Since then when I target Whites I throw 1/4 or 3/8 oz. Spinner Baits with White, White and Chartreuse skirts and Silver or Silver and Gold Willow leaf blades on them. I use a trailer hook and a matching split tail trailer too. If I get sucking bites and I am missing fish I slim down to a regular spinner like a BIG  Rooster tail etc. This keeps a lot of the smaller fish from biting and gives me more time to work on the ones I want while they are in a surface busting frenzy.

  Keep up the good work and keep on posting. It was very much enjoyed.


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13 hours ago, Ketchup said:

Hey aggressor.  Good catch there.  Fried fish and hush puppies.  May have to invite Andy and his brother "your boss" over to help eat them. 

I would say fishing would be good by this weekend. Usually after a cold snap it takes a few days to get them going again,  I caught those in the back of Coffman cove. David  Neill is my boss, 

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Now all those white bass were females and the eggs were like mush, I've never caught whites the size I did, but I never got small ones, I used a bigger bait like the gentleman commented on using spinnerbaits, I also caught a few using a white willow leaf,  I did notice were the shad are you will find them. But my thoughts are they are almost done spawning. I'm think male crappie are very close to moving up to start fanning the beds, and I would guess end of this week I checked my calander,  and this time last year I caught them early in the morning and they shut down around 8:00 am. I'll be at highpoint Saturday,  if you see me sat hello.this pic is from third week of March last year around highpoint all caught on an electric chicken Bobby garland


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