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4/16 Cape Fair


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Launched at 6:00 am this morning. Water temp was 62. It was a bit tuffer today than last week. Caught 24 with only 4 keeper size . Again, black and blue jig, caught some on a 2.5 square bill, and a sticko worm. All LM found on gravel ledges and flatter gravel points. 

Boy it was busy up the James today. At one point I counted 16 boats in about a 3/4 mile stretch. Most were Spoonbilling and Crappie fishing and they were hooking the Spoonbills. I saw pontoons with 6 people on it with a Spoonbill for each person on the boat. I bet there was no less than 40 boats in a 3 mile run.

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Man you shoulda came on up to Aunts Creek. Pretty busy area today also. Caught a lot of fish but no size like yesterday. 

TinBoats BassClub.  An aluminum only bass club. If interested in info send me a PM. 

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Cheese, sounds like opening day at a trout park! Thanks for the report. I hope to get out next weekend. 


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