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I enjoyed your lake!!


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Hi guys and gals.  I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed my first time fishing on Table Rock..  I was up there for the Tyson Tournament on Saturday.  Me and my buddies arrived Wednesday and got in as much fun fishing as we could before Saturday.  You have  a beautiful lake and we enjoyed meeting a lot of new people.  Ma's Café was really great too.  We caught a LOT of great fish from the 2nd cast until we left.  Caught them on the ned rig, shakey head, jig, senko, split shot, drop shot, jerk bait....just about everything we tried at one time or another.  Saturday was tuffer for us, but don't that always seem to happen come tournament day :)  We had a blast and I would love to come back up sometime.  Thanks for the great hospitality.  I hope all the extra boats didn't ruin anyone's day fishing. 

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Glad you enjoyed the lake. We have these fish trained to keep their mouth shut during tournament hours. I happened to be fun fishing on Saturday and found it incredibly tough considering the conditions. That is normally the type of weather that I pray for. It has not been a typical year for most of us as most fish are not in a chasing mood. It won't be long and they will start to get more active (I hope).

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If there is a prettier lake on which to run around half-throttle breaking in a lower unit, I sure haven't seen it :)

As always, the tournament week was a great time; and as always Table Rock was beautiful and fun.

During the storms on Friday, we sat under the dock there at Schooner Creek and visited / swapped lies with a bunch of guys. Just a great time.

And, I even got to meet a Legend Boats Pro-Staffer! I run a Legend, so that was a true treat in and of itself!

We caught a few while practicing / putting hours on lower unit Wednesday - Friday.

Saturday morning (tourney day), my morning prayer included 5 good fish during the tourney.

The lord (doesn't he always?) provided 5 good fish, I just messed up the hook set on one of them! We weighed in 4 fish for 10.71 pounds. The "One that got away" was in the 2.75-3.0 class we figured. That's the difference between 10th place and finishing completely out of the money!

On the bright side, I think I better understand what everyone on here means when we talk about bluff wall fishing, and I can't wait to get on Beaver Lake or back up to Table Rock and continue to learn more about that pattern. I may even break out the S-Waivers that Mr. Richy helped me pick out last year!

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I only took a couple of fish pics over the weekend.

First one is from Wednesday afternoon. I took this pic because I love it when I catch fish on a bait I painted. Please note that while I know that a bass on the deck of the boat isn't a good thing, he flopped out of my grip so I snagged a quick pic before putting him back in the water. I didn't want to put him through getting picked up / positioned for  a pic again:

Table Rock Practice 1.jpeg

The other little bass is from a couple hours of practice Friday after the storms:

Table Rock Practice 2.jpeg


Nothing big, but always a blessing!

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Thanks for the report and pictures. I agree with the beauty of the lake. Glad to hear your lower unit got fixed. 


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