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Weekend report Buck Creek area

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Like I said, have not fished Bull in 10 years and was looking forward to it. Went down Thursday morning and took out of little buck and went towards big creek fished some main lake flats with fluke, keitech 3.8 catching a few with one real nice 18+ smallie. Went in cedar creek and caught another smallie on a 5 inch smoke grub. There are just tons of little fish in Bull right now. Tried throwing some bottom baits in brush but the gills driving you crazy. Friday went into east sugarloaf and fished some stuff I hadn't fished in forever and found the spot we were going to start our tourney on, catching 2 nice LM on back to back cast. Fog delayed our club deal and we started at 9 and fished till 5, partner and I caught 6 keepers off that spot Saturday and 5 Sunday. My non-boater won our club tourney with 20.07 in a day and a half. I ended in 3rd with 12.19 mostly all on that spot. We were catching post spawn LM with a few 13 to 14 inch Ks mixed in using carolina rigged missile d-bomb and a Texas rigged rage craw. Did have a few fish early on spooks and black spinnerbait in front of bushes. Tons of boats fishing Saturday mostly flipping bushes, more boats than I can ever remember for Bull. Sunday was back to normal Bull that I remembered not seeing any boats. Fishing was tougher than I thought it was going to be for some reason.

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