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Memorial day walleye

lmt out

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Wife had 6 keepers I had 5 keepers and 6 shorts.  Pretty good morning.  Heard thunder about noon so we split.  No sense getting wet.  Lol. Sorry no pics today. Had to keep my head on a swivel for boats and sea doos. Stay safe.

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Lol me and Mary fished a area shallow for 2nd wave spawners had 4 honery  boys  riding closer and closer and closer shining them out  went on 45 minutes while we fished deeper into the back even then they kept daring closer and closer ? Honestly they  waked my fish and distressed them into biting? Really no sense to treat people that way ?  If I operated my boat that way spinning and jumping and flipping and racing  past people real close .  I'd get a carelessness ticket ?  I wouldn't mind if this would happen ?  

however  7-10 years ago I would have  boarded there vessel like a pirate according to mary ? Lol ...Now I'm old ...lol

Be safe my friends !  




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That's a great day of walleye fishing for sure! I'm up here for the week with the family. If I might ask what did you get them on and how deep. Thanks.

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We were bottom bouncing with spinners and crawlers.  17 to 20 feet deep.  Try diferent depths. The fish seem to be scattered for us.  Last week we caught them 25 to 30' deep. 

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