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3/30 am report

Phil Lilley

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Me and Duane put in at K Dock 6 am this morning.  Trolled out in front of the ramp on the main lake until it got light enough to see all the junk floating- water color wasn't real good.  So we headed down.

Checked out some brush piles around Mincy.  Ended up with 3 keeper crappie and several shorts.  They were around brush in 15-20 fow.  Caught them on swimming minnows.  Threw back our fish- didn't want to mess with cleaning only 3.  Headed in about 10 am.

Water color was much better down lake.

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About the same report I have from Tuesday.  Every brush pile we hit we pulled alot of fish off of but struggled with finding keepers and very few fish caught off the gravel transition banks.  Fished soft plastic  crappie jigs and swimming minnows and caught fish on every color we threw. Water temps were running 58 near main lake to 60.5 in the backs of the coves and creeks.  Water cleared up considerably from Hogan down.

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Sounds about the same as what we had on Wednesday.  We ran all the way to Bear creek and really struggled until it started pouring around 10.  I think we had 9 LMB and 3 brown ones.  8 keepers for around 15 lbs.  All came on either a shaky head, spider jig, and the A-rig.  It was pretty slow other than that hour in the rain though.  The crappie didn't cooperate at the brush piles that we tried either.   

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