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The Masters


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When Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player die, who will be the ceremonial golfers to start the tournament?

Really. Can you name anyone, besides Tiger Woods, who have had the same impact on the game?  Don't give me players who are older. It's not the same. 

Sure, Bernhard Langer and Fred Couples are older, competitive golfers. But that's it. They have staying power and skill, but, nothing above that.

We have created a skillful, yet bland, white panted, corporate, golf tour, devoid of any personality. I mean, look at those self important, conservative suited talking douche bags expostulating on ESPN and the Golf Channel. Their, white, friendly, innocuous banter in a southern bigoted club is absolutely repulsive. War atrocities get less coverage.

Advertisers and the media are conjoined into telling us consumers that they stand by "us" and our "individuality," yet, when anyone, a golfer in this case, displays any sort of "individuality," they are immediately dismissed and painted as some societal malcontent. Like Apple. You are free, as long as you abide by our rules.

Golf has no greats anymore. Tiger was great. No one playing today will even come close to his achievements. The racists at the Masters would not even consider TW teeing off to start the Masters. What then?  Let's put our best suit on and talk about it. 

No silly, your friend of color is not welcome here. As if.


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I haven't even watched one stroke of the Masters this year.  I'll probably catch the last round.  That's about how much of a golf fan I am, I'll watch the final rounds of the major events, but that's about it.

Hard for me to speculate who will be the ceremonial first tee shooters.  I think they will have to let Tiger be one of them, but who knows, maybe Tiger will tell them to stuff it.  Only other golfer I can think of is Mickelson that might be one of the ceremonial shooters. 

I can't say that I like Tiger as far as his personality, but I sure had fun watching him when he was at his peak. 

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Yep, Seve was a rugged individualist, maybe John Daly, a little. Lot of flat bills now.

Equally annoying Joe, are the usual ESPN dorks who are all the Kapernick enabler crowd. 100% partisan. Puke puke.


"Honor is a man's gift to himself" Rob Roy McGregor

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