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4-7 & 4-8 CRAPPIE


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Put in at the Cedar ridge camp ground both days after 4:30pm ran down around high point water was anywhere  between 63 and 58. fished 45 degree banks with chuck rock and brush. Friday I fished till a bit after 10pm and ended up with 12 keepers. Saturday fished the same area with dad and  headed back around 9pm bite was much slower Saturday and we only had 9 keepers. 

Once you get past the island at the mouth of Turkey creek water really turns dirty where I fished both evenings I only had about 2ft of visibility. I ONLY fished minnows/shiners both evenings. biggest one on the weekend was 13.3/4. of all the fish cleaned only 6 were females.  the  fish in the pictures are all the one over 11 1/2.  and all the females were still carrying their eggs high in their body had not dropped yet.


13.75 BIG.jpg



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I took the wife and her dad out Sunday morning for a little crappie fishing.  It was the first time crappie fishing this year.  We fish up around the High Point area from 6:30am to 10:30am and ended up with 24 keeper crappie, only had 3 shorts all day.  We were using swimming minnows casting to the bank a slow retrieve back.  Most of the ones we caught were right off the bank in 2-4 feet of water.  The wind was getting bad by 10:30 so we decided to head home.  When we cleaned them there were 22 males and only 2 females.  Water temp was running 58 to 59. 

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5 hours ago, waterpossum said:

Nice quality of fish. Was there a lot of exposed timber out in the middle of the lake when you passed the island?

Yes....... just had to ideal through. if the lake gets up 5ft most of it will be unseen.

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